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Xilai Zhang

May 17, 2023, 6:49:50 PMMay 17
to Flutter Public Announcements (flutter-announce)

We are pleased to announce the release of Flutter 3.10.1 to the stable channel; this release contains the following hotfix:

  • flutter/126510 - [Impeller] Fixes errors in text transformation when using impeller.

  • flutter/126854 - [Impeller] Fixes visual glitches and crashes when using wide gamut color support on iOS.
  • flutter/124883 - Fixes an issue where images do not render on Flutter web apps when the host machine has Internet Download Manager installed.
  • flutter/126491 - Fixes an issue where `CupertinoPicker` and `ListWheelViewport` crash with certain configurations on development builds. 
  • flutter/124529 - Fixes an issue where iOS and macOS apps will not build when using Xcode 14.3 and adding dependencies with low iOS target versions. 
  • flutter/122376 - Adds a migrator to update the Gradle version when it conflicts with the Android Studio version of Java is detected.
  • dart/124369 - Fixes a compiler crash involving redirecting factories and FFI.
  • dart/51899 - Fixes a dart2js crash when using a combination of local functions, generics, and records.
  • dart/52191 - Fixes incorrect error using a void in a switch case expression.
  • dart/52041 - Fixes a false error when using in switch case expressions when the switch refers to a private getter.
  • dart/52260 - Prevent the use of when and as as variable names in patterns.
  • dart/52241 - Fixes an inconsistency in type promotion between the analyzer and VM.
  • dart/1212 - Improve performance on functions with many parameters.
In order to get the latest, run ‘flutter upgrade’.

Xilai Zhang
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