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Danny Tuppeny

Dec 24, 2020, 7:42:48 AM12/24/20
to Flutter Dev
Hi all,

v3.18.0 of the Dart and Flutter VS Code extensions have been published. Release notes are below (and online).

LSP Improvements

Several improvements have been made when running with the LSP Preview. Many of these rely on changes in the Dart language server so may not be immediately available depending on the Dart/Flutter channel you are using. At the time of writing, they have not yet reached the Flutter stable channel.

  • #3010TODO comments now show in the problems list if dart.showTodos is true.
  • #2808: Placeholders for parameters marked with the required keyword are now inserted when completing a function/method when dart.completeFunctionCalls is enabled.
  • #1960: Placeholders for parameters marked with the @required annotation are now inserted when completing a function/method when dart.completeFunctionCalls is enabled.
  • #3006: Selecting setState from completion no longer inserts two function placeholders.
  • #2992: Completions for some auto-import functions no longer fail to include parens/arguments when dart.completeFunctionCalls is enabled.
  • #2975: Code completion no longer inserts unnecessary tabstops for some functions that could prevent code completion from working if editor.suggest.snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions has not been disabled.


  • #3016/#3026: New settings dart.flutterRunAdditionalArgs and dart.flutterAttachAdditionalArgs have been added that behave like dart.flutterTestAdditionalArgs but injecting args into flutter run and flutter attach commands run by the debugger respectively.
  • #2999/#3000: A new setting dart.flutterWebRenderer allows easily setting Flutter’s web renderer at the global (User Settings) level or per-workspace.
  • #2963/#3004: New commands have been added to create module, plugin and package Flutter projects. The original Flutter: New Project command is now named Flutter: New Application Project to avoid ambiguity.


  • #2984/#2991: The “Dart from Flutter” label no longer shows in the status bar when the active file is HTML.
  • #2575: Syntax highlighting no longer colors unicode characters following a variable/expression as part of the variable.


  • #3013/#3014: Folders inside .dart_tool that contain pubspec.yaml files will no longer show up in the project list.
  • #2989/#2994: The New Project commands now allow selecting a folder before entering a name and will pre-populate the name with a placeholder that does not already exist on disk.


  • #2832: A warning will now be shown when running individual tests using CodeLens if multiple tests are run (as a result of having multiple tests with the same name).
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