Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M53 Release

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Steve Messick

Jan 29, 2021, 12:07:10 PM1/29/21
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Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M53 Release

Platform Selection in the New Project Wizard

Flutter supports platforms other than Android and iOS in beta, dev, and master channels. The New Project Wizard has been updated to allow platform selection when a Flutter app or plugin is created. This is how the second page appears in Android Studio. (The IntelliJ view is similar but includes a Project Type selector.)

In this example, the platform selection allows Android, iOS, and Web. The other platforms have not been configured, and that would have to be done with the command-line tool (as explained in the text of the screen shot).

In Android Studio, the first page of the New Project Wizard has been changed to appear more like the first page in IntelliJ.

The Install SDK button has been replaced with a link to the Flutter SDK installation instructions.

Embedded DevTools Deep Links

Render overflow errors now trigger a notification that can be clicked to show the error-causing widget in embedded DevTools.

Update Color and Icon Previews

Previously, it was not possible to stop the plugin from showing previews in the editor’s gutter, even when the system setting was disabled. That has been fixed, and with the new implementation the default color picker pops up when a color icon is clicked.

If you look closely you can see the examples at the bottom include comments and whitespace, which formerly prevented the preview from appearing.

Caveat: the color picker appears for all color icons but its selection is ignored if the color is a named Material or Cupertino color. For Color constructors that take one or four numeric values, the value(s) will be updated to correspond to the color selected from the color picker.

Support ANSI Colors in the Console

Thanks to Alex Li (goo...@alexv525.com), you can use ANSI color escape sequences to colorize output in the IDE console.

Better Support for the Flutter Snap

The Flutter snap path has been added to the list of known SDK paths on Linux. This makes it easier for users of the Flutter snap to configure the Flutter SDK in Settings. Thanks to Marcus Tomlinson (themarcus...@gmail.com) for this contribution!

Add Restart for DevTools Installation

Users have reported issues with DevTools installation getting stuck for the inspector window, so the installation can now be restarted by removing the inspector window (right click -> Remove from sidebar) and reopening it (View -> Tool Window -> Flutter Inspector).

Issues Addressed

Quite a few issues have been addressed in this release! The change log has the full list, but a few notable ones are:

  • Fix argument parsing in launch configurations. This allows passing quoted arguments that contain spaces. Issue #4588 has an example.

  • Remove newlines prior to sending an expression to be evaluated by the debugger to the VM. This permits evaluation of multi-line expressions. (#5179)

  • Show "Lost connection to device." in red in the console. (#4309)

  • Easily run all tests in a file. A run icon appears in the gutter next to the definition of main() in both apps and tests. (#5000)

  • Stop showing incorrect icons when custom icons are used. (#5071)

Supported Platforms

  • Android Studio 4.1+

  • Android Studio 4.2 Beta 1+

  • IntelliJ 2020.1.1

  • IntelliJ 2020.2.2-4

  • IntelliJ 2020.3.1-2

We encourage users of early-access releases (IntelliJ 2021.1 EAP and Android Studio Arctic Fox) to use the dev channel of the Flutter plugin. It will be updated when we can provide support for the newest releases.

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