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Danny Tuppeny

Sep 3, 2020, 1:53:52 PM9/3/20
to Flutter Dev
Hi all,

v3.14.0 of the Dart & Flutter VS Code extensions have been published. Release notes are below/online.

Test Tree Improvements

  • #2623/#2731: The test tree now includes a summary of test states and total durations on Suite and Group nodes.


  • #2697/#2725: A new command Flutter: Toggle Brightness allows toggling between Light/Dark themes (when using ThemeMode.system) while debugging your app.
  • #2638/#2743: If your Flutter SDK is missing its version file or Dart SDK (for example after a fresh clone or upgrade), activation of the extension will now be delayed while components are downloading (showing a progress notification) rather than reporting an error and requiring a restart.


  • #2750: Running CLI apps using "console": "terminal" on Windows will no longer show “The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1”.
  • #2746: The message “Cannot read property ‘thread’ of undefined” no longer appears sometimes when ending a debug session.
  • #2699: When using “Debug my code” and an exception occurs with a call stack containing no user code, the top frame will now be selected to make it obvious that execution has paused.
  • #2690/#2730: Flutter scripts inside a folder named “web” are no longer incorrectly launched using the Dart-web debug adapter.
  • #2365: Automatic launch configurations (and those created with the “create a launch.json” option) will now scan your workspace for real projects instead of assuming your workspace is a single project at the top level.
  • #1876/#2711: Debug adapters now run out of process from the extension host. This should improve responsiveness when running many concurrent debug sessions as well as reduce the chances of some classes of bugs (shared state or leaking memory past the end of a debug session).
  • #1608: The Hot Reload command (and debug toolbar button) now only shows once an app has loaded the appropriate VM service extension.


  • #2744: The warning about modifying files outside of your workspace now also appears when using LSP mode.
  • #2734: The warning about modifying files outside of your workspace has been split into separate warnings for the Pub cache folder with its own setting (you can now set dart.warnWhenEditingFilesOutsideWorkspace and dart.warnWhenEditingFilesInPubCache individually).
  • #2696: CodeLens links should no longer cause the editor text to jump around during quick typing in the editor.


  • #2738: Output for commands like Flutter: Get Packages will now automatically be shown if the process is still running after a number of seconds.
  • #2698: A new command Dart: Reanalyze Project has been added that is intended to replace Dart: Restart Analysis Server (which will be removed in a future version). As with the restart command, frequent use of this command may indicate a bug in the analysis server and should be reported.
  • #2580: DevTools now runs embedded by default. This can be changed with the dart.embedDevTools setting.


  • #2721/#2660@szotp contributed fix for the error “The task provider for ‘pub’ tasks unexpectedly provided a task of type ‘flutter’” when using build_runner tasks in a Flutter project.

LSP and Analysis Server

These items only apply when running with the dart.previewLsp setting enabled and may require a very recent (or dev) SDK build. LSP will become the default in future, so please try it out and send feedback!

  • #2703: The Dart: Renalyze Project command is now available when running in LSP mode.
  • #2672: Code completion when using LSP is no longer empty when the cursor is in the whitespace before an identifier.
  • #1800: Editor lag/stuttering when using a VS Code extension that intercepts keypresses (for example Vim) should be significantly mitigated when running in LSP mode.


  • #2115: Docs for add-to-app have been updated with a sample launch.json to allow attaching using a launch configuration (which unlike Flutter: Attach to Flutter on Device can include preLaunchTasks and other custom configuration).
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