Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M54 Release

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Steve Messick

Mar 2, 2021, 6:55:44 PM3/2/21
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Flutter IntelliJ Plugin M54 Release

DevTools UX Improvements

We’ve streamlined the DevTools server launch. When your Flutter app is launched the IDE looks for an existing server. If none is found it launches one. You’ll see a notification that it is doing so. After that, until your IDE is restarted it will re-use the same server.

If you’re using the embedded JxBrowser to work with the inspector view you’ll notice that it isn’t loaded until the tool window becomes visible.

Attach Args

The command-line tool supports vastly different sets of options for flutter run and flutter attach. We used to use the same text field in the run config for both but that was causing problems. We added an additional field for attach arguments. Attach is an advanced feature that allows adding Flutter to existing Android apps.


After releasing the feature-heavy M53 we went back to work on infrastructure. This version restores the ability to work in Android Studio canary builds. That’s been available in the dev channel for a few weeks, and is now generally available. For those curious about such things, the canary build was based on an older version of IntelliJ but switched to the latest stable version late last month. We usually have to adapt to API changes when that happens. We also did some work on the unit tests, and the development and build work-flows.

We’re working on support for IntelliJ 2021.1 EAP. It should be available in the dev channel soon.

Issues Addressed

The change log has the full list, but a few notable ones are:

  • Creating a package-type project wasn’t possible in IntelliJ due to a bug in the platform selection logic.

  • The build flavor is no longer being (incorrectly) sent to the app when the attach button is clicked.

  • Versioning comparison has been fixed for flutter master channel to prevent the use of incompatible options sent to flutter run.

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