MappedMembers.AddProperty raising property already added exception after upgrade

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Shane F

Aug 14, 2017, 1:53:18 AM8/14/17
to Fluent NHibernate

I am trying to upgrade from 1.3.0 (yes, I realise it is very old)

I am now getting the exception "Tried to add property '" + property.Name + "' when already added."

I can see why this is happening, but I can't work out why I have not seen this before. As an example, we have lots of entities with a property called 'Code'

Did previous versions prefix the property name? From what I have seen, this code hasn't changed i a long time. I have spent the best part of 3 days trying to figure out what could possibly cause this to suddenly start occurring - I have trawled through the git history, compared stack traces but am still no closer

I am not sure what other info to add here, but any ideas much appreciated...


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