How to write a program whose input various information of the companies

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Dorsa Niksirat

Aug 24, 2022, 9:56:35 PM8/24/22
to Flow Based Programming
I want to write a program whose input is the names of the companies and when adding the name of each company, it will take various information from that company of different types,
1- TextBox (daily production rate),
2- CheckBox (select product features),
3- OptionButton (the gender of the company owner),
4- Date (Product delivery time, yy/mm/dd), ... in a form and store all that information in the profile of that company.

I just started programming. Of course, I have an average familiarity with Matlab, which I know is not suitable for writing this program.

What programming language should I use for this task so that I can design a beautiful appearance (GUI) for entering information and this information can be entered easily by the user?

Is there a pre-written program that is close to my goal so that I can improve it to suit my needs?

Thanks in advance.

Ged Byrne

Aug 25, 2022, 1:35:47 AM8/25/22
Hi Niksirat,

Given the soecific mention of OptionButton I think whoever set this assignment was expecting you to use VBA.  

You can create this UI in Excel, with VBA code.  

Does the assignment have no guidance at all regarding the choice of language?

I have to say your choice of forums is rather strange.  This is off topic for FBP, but the Arduino forum really is way off - 

I’d strongly recommend putting in the effort to solce
The homework problems for  yourself.  You can’t build a strong career on copy and pasting code from the internet. 

The irony is that asking a tutor for help and figuring it out for yourself is easier than creating a bunch of accounts, posting the questions and then dealing with the snarky answers. 

Good luck in your studies.  

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