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Alexander Rudloff

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Subject: Spend an evening with monochrom / Orlando.
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I'm not sure who was on the original list that received this invite. Johannes/monochrom are friends of mine and I thought you'd be interested in the show.


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Subject: Spend an evening with monochrom / Orlando.
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please spread:

From: "Ian Monroe" <imo...@orlandoweekly.com>

Good Hello, my friends!

I hope that you find the new year is treating you well.  I know, it's been a long time since you've gotten an email from me.  Don't think it's because I've forgotten about you; I've just been busy and boring, so I didn't want to bother you with such trivialities as the understated debut of
It Ain't My Baby, and honestly, you wouldn't have been interested anyway.

But now I have something worth talking about - I want to talk to you for a minute about Art.

We all hear the word bandied around a lot these days - "My kid made that in art class," or "Oh, I don't care much for that art rock," or "Art Linkletter once sold me some bad acid," and even such ridiculousness as "The Dr. P. Phillip Phillips Art Center for the Orlando Performing Arts" or whatever the hell they're calling it now.

But if you ask me, my friends, I like my art like I like my women - conceptual and disruptive.  I like errors in my art.  I like the kind of art that draws attention to the edges of things, that jams culture down it's own throat in a kind of meta-detournment which blurs the line between artist and audience.

That's why I was so pleased to find out that
J ohannes Grenzfurthner and Evelyn Fürlinger of the Viennese art collective monochrom were going to be paying a visit to our humble burg.

What's that? You've never heard of
monochrom ?  Well, then you haven't been paying attention.  If you had, you would have seen them just the other day on Boing Boing collecting barcodes for Falco.  Maybe you would have seen them demonstrating how to install a USB interface into a human spine or singing an 8-bit love song to/about Creative Commons mastermind Lawrence Lessig.

Or maybe you're a Luddite, and you hate the internet.  Perhaps you'd be more familiar with
Georg Paul Thomann, the fictional artist that saved 'Taiwan' at the 2002 Sao Paulo Art Biennial?  Maybe you heard about the multi-city exhibition where they buried participants alive in a coffin for 15 minutes.  Or the time they boiled 20 gallons of Coca-Cola down to a sludge so they could make their own brick of coke.

Perhaps you'll be familiar with
Arse Elektronika (a conference in San Francisco earlier this year  that explored the intersection of art, pornography and technology).  Or maybe with the Roboexotica conference, which celebrates the state of the art in cocktail robotics.  Or the International Year of Polytheism ("The number of the beast is one.")?

I could go on all day.  These cats have an extensive resumé of this kind of subversive, socio-political, and self-referential thought-art.  But even now, I can hear you saying, "What does all this mean to me?"

Great question.   Glad you asked.

As it turns out, monochrom is kind enough to have put together a little presentation for us while they visit sunny Florida.  And you're lucky enough to be invited.

Of course, the only venue in town that's crazy enough to host this kind of weirdo party is the incomparable
Redlight Redlight in Winter Park.  Thankfully, they're also the only venue in town with the kind of beer selection that I wouldn't be embarrassed share with educated European guests.  (Fantome de Noel?  They've got it.  Boon Gueze?  Nowhere else in town.  Allagash Grand Cru?  Oh yeah.)

So exactly what's this show going to look like?  Frankly, I have no idea.  There's a video projector and a PA, and Dr. Xenlab will be providing some bubbly, brain-churning IDM bumper music.  The rest we're leaving in the capable and consistently surprising hands of monochrom.

To sum up:

An Evening with monochrom
at Redlight Redlight
535 W. New England Ave Winter Park Fl 32789
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
8:00 pm (We'll be starting early, so make sure to be there on time.)
no cover
21+ only please

I hope you can all join me for this unique and fascinating evening.

Until the next time we meet, you have my sincere wishes for good fortune and bizarre synchronicities.

-Ian Monroe

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