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Janet M Eaton

Apr 22, 2003, 3:45:58 PM4/22/03

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Dear all, this has come in from independent journalists on the ground
in Iraq, who are trying to set up an Indymedia Iraq, with local
students and others who want to distribute the truth of what is going
on in Iraq. Please circulate this on your network, cheers davey
(pandora project)

From: Ramzi Kysia [mailto:rrk...@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2003 06:59 PM

Dear Friends,

I've been able to locate 4 of the students who we worked with on the
dialogue exchange: Haider, Hamza, Walid & Majed. All are very
enthusiastic about starting a newspaper & setting up something like
indymedia baghdad.

Over the next few days, we are going to: - locate a house to rent,
that can serve as an office for the project, as well as office/living
space for VitW & friends here in Iraq.

- compile a list of equipment we have on hand (computers, printers,
cameras, office supplies, etc...)

- compile a list of equipment we *need* (computers, printers,
cameras, office supplies, etc... LOL)

- locate a printing company that can print 10,000 copies a week, of
an Arabic/English newspaper that we are going to start.

We NEED from you:

- MONEY: start raising $$$ *NOW* - this project is going to need
money to pay for rent, equipment, printing costs, and web costs,
ASAP!!! We will work toward making it self-sufficient as soon as
possible, but that, for sure, ain't right now! Voices is sending a
small group of people here (one in a week, a couple of more soon
after) - so we need to send in money & equipment with them.

- EQUIPMENT: for a fact, I *KNOW* that we're going to need at least 2
more computers, 1 more office printer, 2 broadcast-quality video
cameras, and 2 digital cameras. Another satellite modem & satellite
phone would be nice too (as well as $$$ to cover the costs of the
current sat modem over the next, several months).

- WEB HELP: we need help, from the outside, on setting up a website
for the newspaper and/or indymedia Baghdad, where we can post text,
pictures, & video produced here - English *AND* Arabic. Some of these
kids are very web savvy, but the infrastructure is NOT in place for
them to start doing web work from here right now. The war took out
telecommunications in a *big* way - certainly for weeks, likely for

I (we, I hope!) are going to help out with advice, training,
equipment & money - but this is going to be an Iraqi project, from
top to bottom. These folks can finally speak for themselves - let's
help them do that!

Please let me know how all of you can help, ASAP! Let's roll... Love,

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