Flint-2.8.0 Released!

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Bill Hart

Jul 23, 2021, 7:10:50 AM7/23/21
to flint-devel, sage-...@googlegroups.com, osca...@mathematik.uni-kl.de, nemo-devel, Grayson, Daniel R., Mike Stillman, Brian Gladman
Hi all,

It is with pleasure that we announce the release of Flint 2.8.0 which
can be downloaded from our website [1] under Downloads or from our
GitHub [2] under tags.

All bugs should be reported on GitHub issues.

Flint has now reached around 600k lines of code!

The main changes in this release are:

* New fq_default module which combines existing finite fields
* Speedups for linear algebra when using BLAS and/or threading
* New series expansions with coefficients in QQ
* Faster CRT
* New fmpz_mod_mpoly module
* Polynomial factoring improvements over ZZ
* Fixed bugs in gmpcompat on Windows
* Add fmpz_mat_can_solve_fflu and fmpz_mat_can_solve
* Cleanup of the nmod_poly and nmod_poly_factor code
* Implement nmod_mat_det_howell
* Add fmpz_mod_poly_divides, fmpz_divides, n_divides, nmod_poly_divides
* Interface for multiplying matrices by vectors and arrays
* Nearest Euclidean division
* Subresultant GCD interface
* XGCD over ZZ with canonical Bezout coefficients
* Add fmpz_mpoly resultant and discriminant
* Add deprecations list
* Add FLINT_SGN macro
* Speedups for series computations
* Switch to GitHub Actions for CI
* Improve Taylor shift
* Numerous bug fixes and speedups

Contributors to this release include:

* William Hart
* Dan Schultz
* Fredrik Johansson
* Albin Ahlback
* Michael Orlitzky
* Tethys Svensson
* Edgar Costa
* Jan Jancar

Numerous others contributed bug reports.

Deprecations in 2.8:

* fmpz_multi_crt_t => fmpz_multi_CRT_t
* fmpz_multi_crt_init => fmpz_multi_CRT_init
* fmpz_multi_crt_precompute => fmpz_multi_CRT_precompute
* fmpz_multi_crt_precompute_p gone
* fmpz_multi_crt_precomp => fmpz_multi_CRT_precomp now with sign option
* fmpz_multi_crt_precomp_p gone
* fmpz_multi_crt => fmpz_multi_CRT now with sign option
* fmpz_multi_crt_clear => fmpz_multi_CRT_clear

See deprecations.txt in the repository for a list of all past deprecations.

Best Wishes,

The Flint Development Team.

[1] https://www.flintlib.org/
[2] https://github.com/wbhart/flint2
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