Announcing new releases Alpha 3417.0.0 and Beta 3402.1.0

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Flatcar Container Linux User

Nov 10, 2022, 5:15:52 AM11/10/22
to Flatcar Container Linux User

We are pleased to announce new Flatcar Container Linux releases Alpha 3417.0.0, Beta 3402.1.0.

New Alpha Release 3417.0.0

Changes since Alpha 3402.0.1

Security fixes:Changes:
  • Toolbox now uses containerd to download and mount the image (toolbox#7)
Beta Release 3402.1.0

Changes since Beta 3374.1.1

Security fixes:Bug fixes:
  • Enabled IOMMU on arm64 kernels, the lack of which prevented some systems from booting (coreos-overlay#2235)
  • Added CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_BRIDGE (for nf_conntrack_bridge) and CONFIG_NFT_BRIDGE_META (for nft_meta_bridge) to the kernel config to allow using conntrack rules for bridges in nftables and to match on bridge interface names (coreos-overlay#2207)
  • Change CONFIG_WIREGUARD kernel option to module to save space on boot partition (coreos-overlay#2239)
  • Disable several arch specific arm64 kernel config options for unsupported platforms to save space on boot partition (coreos-overlay#2239)
  • Switched from --strip-unneeded to --strip-debug when installing kernel modules, which makes kernel stacktraces more accurate and makes debugging issues easier (coreos-overlay#2196)
  • The flatcar-update tool got two new flags to customize ports used on the host while updating flatcar (init#81)
  • Add qemu-guest-agent to all amd64 images, it will be automatically enabled when qemu-ga virtio-port is detected (coreos-overlay#2240, portage-stable#373)

Changes since Alpha 3402.0.1

Security fixes:Updates:

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