Announcing Flatcar Container Linux Stable release 2905.2.3, Beta release 2942.1.2, Alpha release 2983.0.0 and LTS-2021 release 2605.20.1

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Sep 1, 2021, 2:39:01 PM9/1/21
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We are pleased to announce a Flatcar Container Linux maintenance release for our Beta and Stable and LTS-2021 channel, as well as new major releases for our Alpha channel.

New Alpha release 2983.0.0

Update to CGroupsV2

As of Alpha version 2969.0.0, Flatcar Container Linux migrates to the unified cgroup hierarchy (aka CGroupsV2)! New nodes will utilize CGroupsV2 by default. Existing nodes remain on CGroupsV1 and need to be manually migrated to CGroupsV2. To learn more about CGroupsV2 on Flatcar Container Linux and the migration guide, please refer to 

Changes since Alpha 2969.0.0

Security fixes

Bug Fixes


  • Added Azure Generation 2 VM support (coreos-overlay#1198)

  • Switched Docker ecosystem packages to go1.16 (coreos-overlay#1217)

  • Added lbzip2 binary to the image (coreos-overlay#1221)

  • flatcar-install uses lbzip2 if present, falls back on bzip2 if not (init#46)

  • Added Intel E800 series network adapter driver (coreos-overlay#1237)

  • Enabled 'audit' use flag for sys-libs/pam (coreos-overlay#1233)

  • Bumped etcd and flannel to respectively `3.5.0`, `0.14.0` to get multiarch images for arm64 support. Note for users of the old etcd v2 support: `ETCDCTL_API=2` must be set to use v2 store as well as `ETCD_ENABLE_V2=true` in the `etcd-member.service` - this support will be removed in `3.6.0` (coreos-overlay#1179)


Note: Please note that ARM images remain experimental for now.

New Beta release 2942.1.2

Changes since Beta 2942.1.1

Security fixes

Bug Fixes


New Stable release 2905.2.3

Changes since Stable 2905.2.2

Security fixes

Bug Fixes


New LTS release 2605.20.1

Changes since LTS 2605.19.1

Security fixes



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