Stable update 2765.2.4 stopped due to kernel bug

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Flatcar Container Linux User

May 20, 2021, 6:31:12 AM5/20/21
to Flatcar Container Linux User


we would like to inform you about an issue with yesterday's Stable update.

The 2765.2.4 Stable release includes kernel 5.10.37 which can result in kernel panics related to memory mapping.
This issue was reported to us in and limited to certain hardware that is not part of the release testing.
The rollout of the 2765.2.4 Stable update got stopped in the public update server and it announces 2765.2.3 again as latest version for the mean time.
A new Linux kernel bug fix release already got published and we will include the fix soon in a follow-up Stable release.

In case your instances have downloaded the new version already but not yet rebooted, you can discard the pending update as follows:
$ update_engine_client -reset_status
$ sudo cgpt add -T 0 $(sudo cgpt find -t flatcar-usr 2>/dev/null | grep --invert-match "$(rootdev -s /usr)")
The second command will make sure that even when the system reboots, it will not attempt to use the 2765.2.4 partition because there are zero boot "tries" for it.

Feel free to reach out and comment on the linked issue if you have questions on how to handle this issue.


The Flatcar Container Linux team at Kinvolk

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