Flash Fiction #5

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hilary slater lamont

Jul 31, 2009, 8:48:04 AM7/31/09
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This one just came out of nowhere.. I might write another before midnight if they day goes well :D

H i l a r y   S l a t e r
Sustainable Landscapes

SIPP Lancer.doc

hilary slater lamont

Jul 31, 2009, 8:48:39 AM7/31/09
to flashfict...@googlegroups.com

She felt a certain energy surrounding her in the café, but she wasn’t too disturbed. The souls were there, in the behind spaces...present and aware, but comfortable just observing in here. They didn't want to disturb or be disturbed. And they knew she could disturb them much worse then they could disturb her, if things got disruptive.

She slid the leaf of lettuce into her mouth, slowly, meditatively. The green food was soothing to her frazzled mind. She knew this was just the calm before the storm. There would be a time when she would look back on this moment in envy, wishing it had lasted longer.

Her plate was soon empty, leaving her wistful and wanting more. As long as she ate, she could feel normal, controlled, purposeful. She could block herself from thinking out her plan of what to do next

It was time, suddenly.

She stood up, turned ever so slowly, and walked cautiously but determinedly out of the café, looking neither to right nor left. She replaced her goggles and wielded the green SIPP (Slime-Injector Pressurizable Projection) Lancer at her side.

As she stepped out into the red martian dustbowl, she knew this battle would be the turning point of this war. Tomorrow might never happen for her, but that wasn’t an issue she was allowed to consider. She pushed all thought out of her conscious mind and focused on her inner energy. She was fully prepared for the task at hand.

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