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I actually wrote this 2 weeks ago, BEFORE the prompt.. but now it's useful suddenly ! :D

She drove along the flat black surface, the dry wind blowing in through the opening beside her wheel.  It was good. The atmosphere was drying up now, now that all the remnants of vegetation were almost obliterated. She watched absent-mindedly as more scraps of dehydrated human flesh blew past the vehicle and rolled on across the dry landscape. 
Yes, this planet was almost completely prepared for the arrival of her fellow species. There was just the final wet areas of what they called the rain forest and the arctic poles to dehydrate, and then the work would be complete. Once her crews had completed the de-aquification, this planet would be ready to be called home. The  polar ends of the planet were really not an issue even, since they were of sub-zero compression, and therefore offered no acceptable climate for their race. The eradication of all moist areas of land was the number one priority of her mission, thus allowing the initial arrival of the first pioneers to begin the mass structure completion.
The timing here was crucial since they had but mili-enals before their home planet became too flooded with aquatic material to allow them survival.
She tapped her long sexy luminescent green pods irritatedly on the wheel as she steered the alien vehicle around a clump of humanoid remains. It was going to work out now. She had all but succeeded. The final forestation zone, and then the atmosphere would no longer be deadly to them. They could begin their descent onto the new planet. She felt proud of her accomplishment. This was what she had trained for, her whole career, and now she would be given a position of great respect in the new planet leadership. She smiled to herself as she watched the team of her air craft leaders heading south to begin the final forest eradication. This world was theirs now. They would survive!

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