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hilary slater lamont

Aug 7, 2009, 10:03:47 PM8/7/09

Love At Last.

Her friend vented on and on. She didn’t really need a friend, only a listener. She knew she was being used as a sounding board, there was no depth to the friendship. There was no freedom to speak, nor to sit side by side, not talking.
She so dearly wanted to talk to her about her own feelings. She desperately wanted to ask for some input about the men she was dealing with in her life.

There was Oswald, who she knew had the potential to be a great lover and friend, a wise guru, a virile man.  She had all but forgotten him and then he’d contacted her out of the blue. Nice, but he was suddenly going away, moving in totally the wrong direction, if they were to develop some better . So she tried to close the door on the emotions from him.

She wept in frustration. Where was she to put herself now?

So she did what any modern woman would do. She went in search of more new men to take her mind off the past, perhaps even meet someone who was ready to accept the emotions she wanted to share with someone. She was a healthy woman now, confident, cleansed of past troubles. She had learned new things, opened new doors, in the past few years. She was more than ready to make a life with the right man. She yearned to share her best self with someone.
And along came Karl. He was a dinner date whom she had connected with on the internet, and she expected him to be boring and small-town, but as he picked her up and swept her away to an expensive restaurant, then wined and dined her all evening, she began to see that he was perhaps someone she’d like to see more of.

He twinkled and flirted, but there was a calm between them. He knew that there was potential here, and he wasn’t afraid to make statements about “Our next date…”. After dinner they wandered down to the beach and sat together in the sand, like high school sweet hearts, watching an approaching thunderstorm. She was undone. He was someone she’d definitely want to see again. Especially with the way he kissed her.


Of course he didn’t call again. A simple little email a week later, just enough to keep her hanging on for more. This was not the right man either. She knew that the right man would be regular and constant. He would show her his interest and respect. She sighed.


Another week went by, and suddenly she was approached by 2 new men. Not just one, but 2! Both of them had much to offer, and both showed serious interest. She was pleased. She knew that there was something going on inside her this summer that was emanating out, a call, a siren, a higher pitch than the human ear could hear, but all these men were picking up on it. She knew it because she had never had 4 men in her thoughts at one time before. She had always been of the mind that when you meet a man, you lock in, focus all your psychic energies into one goal, and he would feel that energy, fall equally in love, and then respond in kind.

So far this method had brought her nothing in the way of lasting love.

But this summer, the summer she was beyond believing that there was the chance of love, here she was with 4 men in her head.

The 2 new men were each interesting, and she couldn’t decide which was the better option. She realized that she’d have to date both of them to find out which one was right for her.

So she held back her emotions and waited to see who would jump in first. They both did! Oh my, how was she to deal with this? She didn’t have the energy to take on 2 men at once, not to mention the emotions she was already carrying for Oswald and Carl. She felt twinges of guilt.


She went out with John, who was interesting, intelligent, funny, and definitely needing a lover. But did he really want more? He was rather new at the dating game, and she had a sense that he was still interested in enjoying the “kid in a candy shop” stage of things. That happened when people first discovered the plethora of dates available on the internet. She let him kiss her good night and there was definitely chemistry, so she smiled and held on until she’d gone out with the fourth man.


And there he was. He resonated with an energy she could barely grasp. He was tall and handsome, and certainly, obviously, very attracted to her. His eyes never left hers, all night long. He gazed at her as she spoke, and his eyes wandered down from her eyes to her white neck every now and then. She was barely able to breathe in his presence. She felt herself swoon as they ate dinner, and the electricity built up.

Finally, out in the dark in a park nearby, he kissed her. She gasped at the pure electric emotion that flooded between them during that kiss. This! This was what she’d waited all her life for! This was the emotion she’d been searching for, all those years of being single. She knew he was the one.

Suddenly he nuzzled down into her neck, and she giggled, feeling girlish and happy. He tasted her neck lightly with his tongue for a moment, then, baring his fangs, he pierced her white flesh with his incisors and her blood pulsed forth. She was his. Literally, for all eternity. “Til death do us part, my darling!” he spoke smiling, as she convulsed there in his arms.


-ok, so I've been hearing too much about vampires lately !! :D
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Aug 7, 2009, 10:47:33 PM8/7/09
to Flash Fiction Fridays
Dear Hilary (and anybody else who might be confused by the posting

It's a lot easier to keep track of the weekly flash fiction when we're
all posting in the same thread. If you're posting in your own thread
on purpose, obviously, I'm talking for no reason ;) But if it's still
accidental, the easiest way to post in the weekly thread is to:

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That way, the stories for the week all end up in one thread, which
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Thanks, everybody.
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