Make a sound when a particular pair of markers are detected

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Glenn Ivar Husom

Jul 18, 2013, 3:47:27 PM7/18/13

I am currently making a multimarker AR program, that will basicly function as a "find the ones that fit together" kind of game. What I need to achieve, is how to make the program be able to tell when a correct pair of markers are detected and ONLY those. I don't mind if it's coded repetitively instead of with a clever algorithm, I just want it to work for now. I know enough of coding to be able to make simple AR programs with several markers, play sound, move the models etc, but I don't know what to code in for this situation to happen, as I am purely self taught from tutorial and other sample programs, so my knowledge is a bit lacking here and there.

I know it is possible, as I know that there exists more advanced version of the same program, where in addition to a sound reaction, the displayed models started to interact with eachother. A direct example there is an old woman and a broom, turning the woman into a witch that flies across the screen (or display area, depending on display method)

If this becomes to much to simply explain to me (or give example code of), i'd appreciate links to good pages to learn about this.

Thank you for any support :)
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