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bismillah rawthar

Apr 3, 2013, 2:30:00 AM4/3/13
I am currently using flartoolkit version 2.5.1 and blender 2.6. I am trying to use .dae files downloaded from the net in flartoolkit/papervision. I am simply not successful in implementing it. The object seems to appear some times but not always. Also the objects displayed are in the wireframe mode.

In simple words i need a way to be able to use any downloaded .dae file and execute it successfully with its texture in flartoolkit.

I have put in lot of hours into it. This is my final year project for B.E. Computer engg. I do not want to loose this.

Please provide me with proper steps and a sample program to implement dae models.

I have searched many sites but to no use.

Please guide me through this.

Heartfelt Thanks in advance


Apr 4, 2013, 5:01:42 AM4/4/13
to FLARToolKit userz
there could be lots of reasons why the object does not appear
sometimes, for example

1 there could be crossdomain policy problem where flash is not allowed
to load files from specific domain
2 there could be dae problems where dae file relies on features not
supported by particular 3d engine you use
3 the dae could be inappropriately scaled (too big or too small) or
there can be an offset putting it off-scren
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