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May 1, 2021, 4:53:24 AM5/1/21
This is an old idea that I've been messing with for about 10 years. I'm going to try to keep this description to the short elevator-ride version, but my imagination is quite elaborate... The original tag was "shiritori vocabulary game", but now it's mutated so much that I'm not even sure where to begin.

How about with the three bricklayers? You know the joke about asking each one bricklayer what he's up to? So the first bricklayer says he's cementing bricks into gaps. The second bricklayer is thinking a bit higher. He's building a nice straight wall. But the third bricklayer answers "I'm glorying gawd with this magnificent cathedral."

So bricklayer #1 is the shiritori game. The current word is at the top, and the current definitions are below it. The kind of definition changes to adjust the difficulty for each student, but the real objective of the game is to match the best definitions at the level that helps each student learn most rapidly. Below the definitions is the sentence, and the shiritori part is the next word to be defined. (If you don't like the next recommended word, then you could pick a different one before picking a definition, but again the game is trying to pick next words that are most likely to help you improve your reading.) Below the sample sentence would be the controls for changing levels manually and for seeing the current vocabulary coverage of the target reading passage.

Bricklayer #2 is grammar quizzes that pop up from time to time or when you go there manually. I think timing based on extinction would actually be the main trigger, but new grammar might also be an automatic trigger. The format here would be similar to the definitions, but you might see grammatical terms or translations or grammatically similar phrases or even grammar trees here.

Bricklayer #3 is the reading exercises. Lots of options here, though my own objective is simply to be able to read Japanese with feeling based on comprehension. I think that actually calls for a preliminary exercise of judging paired readings, but there are lots of possibilities at this level.

Much more I could add, but out of time today. I'll try to stop by again next week to see if there's any interest. Or even better if someone can point me at the game I haven't been able to find...
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