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to Fixing The Global Economy Through World Federalism
Further from Peter Venton

John Cowan

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Date 2024-03-29 12:13:15 PM
Subject RE: March 24th wrapup

Hi John,

Thanks very much for your “compendium of notes” on the discussion.  My figures were from remembrance and I have since searched for the dozens of documents I have written since 2010 to find them.  


I’m attaching one of my reports “Global Markets, Inequality and the Future of Democracy” that I presented to a 2020 meeting of the Canadian Pugwash Group (CPG) in my role as lead of CPG’s Global Issue Project.  It relates to a G78 Conference in 2019 at which I was a moderator for one of the sessions, but also Dena Freeman’s video and reform of Bretton Woods in my November 2022 presentation at WFMCT. 


In addition I have attached some statistics on wealth and taxes in the US and Canada that I did some seven years ago.  These are out of date but they relate to much of the period of globalization since the 1980 and neoliberal capitalism that started in Canada around 1967 that has degraded our democracy and reversed intergenerational equity for the younger generation and our youth.  


You should send your compendium to all the participants even if you do not put it on google.



G78 conference report for CPG Roundtable 2.1.docx
Statistics on Inequality and Taxes.xlsx

Lester de Souza

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to Fixing The Global Economy Through World Federalism
Seems relevant to Global direction and possibility or challenges to Global democracy - a Pew Global research report from Feb 28th

Additionally, on Capital(ism) and the growing polarisation:

According to Forbes the US is home to 813 billionaires — the most in the world, followed by China with 473, and India with 200.


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to Lester de Souza, Fixing The Global Economy Through World Federalism

Thank you for your thoughts. I agree there is an over-concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. That is a fundamental equity problem that needs some sort of global agreement about tax regimes before we can solve it. Simple SDGs won't cut it. How do you think we could get a global tax agreement that is enforceable?

Regarding the Pew research on authoritarianism, I don't think I saw analysis of the obvious. People in countries with a history of authoritarianism appear to be the ones most favourable to such. Maybe that's because they survived it, or maybe they are oppressed by the western wealthy democracies so less inclined to favour democracy? Anyway, you say below it is relevant, so what do you think World Federalists should be doing in light of this research? 

John Cowan

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