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Fitplay is an app that is designed to reward its members for downloading and using apps that they are recommending. You will get paid in coins for downloading and using the app.The coins you earn can be redeemed for various rewards, including cash. From what I’ve seen, the app is a legitimate one that really pays its members once they reached the minimum cash out requirement.There have been little to no complaints at all about the app not paying after completing the tasks it requires you to or after redeeming coins.But, there have been a lot of complaints lately about Fitplay not allowing people to log in to their accounts due to suspicious behavior.As for the earnings, it seems like $5 a month is really what you can expect to get when you download and use this app.I’ll be discussing more about these recent complaints, as well as the earning potential of this app, as we progress further with this review.

The Fitplay app is designed to be used by two groups with one group being app developers, and the other group being people who are looking for good apps to download and ways to make money online.For app developers, Fitplay provides them with an opportunity to get their apps downloaded and used by people. The app recommends good game and audiobooks for you to download and if developers partnered with Fitplay can get their apps recommended they will be assured their games or audiobooks will be downloaded and used and Fitplay provides rewards for doing so.

Now if you are someone who is looking for recommendations on what games or audiobooks to download, then this app is for you.It recommends game and audiobooks for you to download and use. The good thing with this app is that you will be paid for doing this. You get paid in mCoins for downloading and using the apps they recommend.The coins you earn can be redeemed for different rewards, including cash. You would just need to earn enough to be able to redeem them. Downloading and becoming is easy and free to do so.In the next section, I’ll be discussing more how you can earn coins on the Fitplay app


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