"Komodo dragon"

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Warren D Smith

Nov 10, 2020, 11:03:11 PM11/10/20
to fishc...@googlegroups.com
Komodo now has NNUE added and selling result as "Komodo Dragon."
They claim KD is stronger than any no-NNUE stockfish, about 25 elo weaker
than current stockfish, and superior to current stockfish if play blitz chess960
or if play using top-4-moves multi-PV searching. The reason the latter is
of interest is they want to argue to customers that KD is the
strongest "analysis" engine;
if you were running analysis you'd probably turn on multi-PV with top
4 moves or so.

So, if you believe their propaganda, KD is pretty impressive and
gained huge elo when they
added NNUE, maybe even more than SF gained.

Warren D. Smith
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Nov 12, 2020, 5:22:11 PM11/12/20
to FishCooking
Komodo "dragon" is $74.98. No thank you! I rather stick to my SF 12 + NNUE for free and possibly stronger than Komodo dragon. They are probably saying it stronger than SF 12 as  selling point. Won't believe it till Komodo Dragon is played in a match against SF 12 at TCEC.


Nov 15, 2020, 5:01:34 PM11/15/20
to FishCooking
> They are probably saying it stronger than SF 12 as  selling point. 
They say it is 25 elo weaker than SF12 (and about 50 elo weaker than SF13-dev)

They say it is stronger than SF12-Classical and stronger in MultiPV=4 match.

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