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May 12, 2021, 5:19:52 AMMay 12
to FishCooking
QScore Overview
I have implemented Quadruple Scores. That means, I added a 2nd dimension to the current middlegame (MG) and endgame (EG) interpolation of the Score types.

Before I try a demanding tuning, I want to give the opportunity to comment on my idea and provide additional ideas of using the implementation.

There is a spectrum to be considered with these 2 ends:
  1. Interpolate a value dependent only on low level features of the position (like MG-EG). For example, count material, blocked pawns, attacked squares, ...
  2. Interpolate a value dependent on existing, more complex values. For example, the complexity, kingDanger or space parameters.
The advantage of using a quadruple score construction is that the overhead is smaller when a large number of parameters is involved. Naturally, this concept will only work as many Score parameters as possible make use of the then-new dimension.

My Request
Please comment your Ideas for usages of QScore, if any.
Also, comment on my idea presented below.

My Idea
I would like to try using the additional dimension to interpolate using the "complexity" ("initiative") value. When this value is negative, it reduces the MG/EG value by that amount (up to at most 0). In my understanding, this is basically a fortress heuristic.
Ideally, using this "fortress-indicator" as a Score dimension would reduce bonuses like "Outpost" or "Mobility" (bonuses that claim significant positional advantages, but do not on their own lead to a win) in situations that are very fortress-y.
 In contrast, bonuses like "unblocked passer" or a middle-game material advantage of +2 have a much larger potential to be converted even if the position looks like a fortress based on the heuristics. Previously, these bonuses would simply be large enough to overcome the complexity penalty. Increasing their effect situationally may allow for larger overall complexity adjustments.

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