Syzygy 7men doesn't rule with ChessBase16 and StockFish.

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Lester Antonio Tattersall Rodriguez

Aug 29, 2022, 3:06:47 PM8/29/22
to FishCooking

I'm using StockFish 15 (I've tried with SF14... 10) with ChessBase16 (a very few days ago I updated it from this same version 16).

I have the syzygy3456 men completed.

I have just a few WDL and DTZ in my disc (M.2). But StockFish doesn't recognize this files. Maybe because each 7men file is very heavy? I don't know.

I have set the ChessBase for a special folder for syzygy7men. Doesn't work.

I have set the ChessBase only with the 3456men folder (and inside this 3456men folder I have copied these few 7men files).  It doesn't work.

Maybe the WDL works (I don't think so, but I am not sure). But the DTZ doesn't work.

When I set up a position with just 7 men (corresponding to a 7men file I have in my disc/folder), the StockFish doesn't show me the result of each possible move. When this position I move it and 1men dissapears (so it is a 6men position/ending) then the Stockfish YES... it shows me all the possible moves with its results (+-, -+, =).

Did you already know about this problem/bug? Is it a bug/problem from StockFish or it is from this Chessbase version (16, with updates included).

18 months ago I installed this syzygy 7men in my disc and chessbase (already 16 version, but with no updates yet), and I guess that I used Stockfish 13 o 14, and then... I think it ruled, it was working, my syzygy 7men files when I set up a position with only 7men. I cannot garantee it (can't remember), but I would say that it was working.

Now it doesn't work. No work with StockFish 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.

Thanks for your attention.

Lester Antonio Tattersall Rodriguez

Aug 29, 2022, 3:08:29 PM8/29/22
to FishCooking
"I have just a few WDL and DTZ in my disc (M.2.)."
Sorry. I was meaning about the 7men collection. I have complete the 3456men collection. But just a few of 7men files...
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