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Samuel Wakeman

Jun 28, 2022, 2:34:36 PMJun 28
to FishCooking
Hey guys, you guys seem like a supportive community. I was listening to the perpetual chess podcast, and they made an interesting point that was attractive me as a chess player. That sometimes there will be one sharp line which may be plus 7 which eventually leads to a massive win of material or even a mating attack, however there will be another line which is +2-3 line which is clearly winning and a lot more simple to convert.

 I was curious if it was possible to rate a position or line's complexity. granted  I don't know how even one would determine it.... the number of winning moves is an idea but there are some simple positions with only 1 winning move, for example capturing back a piece that was taken. I just thought the idea was really interesting, and I was wondering it anybody else would want to discuss the idea, and how to go about implenting such a thing if possible. Because it's difficult to define the word simple or complex in terms a chess engine can understand.

I recognize that this is probably very difficult if not impossible, but I do think it would be cool if engines also gave an evaluation of how easy the position is to convert.

 While I do have a bachelor's in cs and my peak on chess.com is like 1800, my knowledge of engines is very limited. any thoughts?

Wolfgang de Cauter

Jun 29, 2022, 5:29:24 AMJun 29
to FishCooking
Hi Sam,
let me guess. Probably several professionals use some scripts to look for such kind of opening lines. Good for SF, but hard to manage for humans.
How? Well, let SF find lines, where only a few or even one answer is sound enough, then have a own choice of several good lines, select one of them where again only a few or even one answer is sound enough and then this again and again in the same variation. Just look for the average number of good moves for one side and same for the other side in a variant tree. If the difference is high this might be a good opening choice for the better side.
Possible sample: Caruana against Nepo (Nh4) in the candidates. (But this might also have been found by a human from the preparation team Caruana by manually trying out less common moves with SF in search of such an opening line.)
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