The Stockfish Graphical Verbal Communication User Interface

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The A.R.B Chess System

Aug 4, 2022, 5:41:21 AMAug 4
to FishCooking
Now that Stockfish is so strong! with the SF15 NNUE version, it would be great to actually understand why? it makes the moves it does.
I am sure everyone would like this function built into Stockfish especially top World class Chess players,to help improve their game play,time and time again when watching Stockfish play you will hear people say "Why did it do that ?' 
So the idea I have is to have a Graphical Verbal Communication User Interface,this could be some kind of pop up Window that would show when you start a game,this would then explain in a text form and using computer speech, the reasons why it made the move it just played,this could be combined with a Board output using arrows and text etc. something like below...

"I moved my Bishop from D1 to G4 because of the threat of your Knight on E3 taking my Bishop,which would have reduced my Positional Score by -0.50 and Tactical Score by -0.30,plus my Bishop on G4 Increased my  Positional Score by +0.60 and Tactical Score by +0.50"
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