Fish Dying

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Welcome to "Fish Dying"

This Google Group is primarily meant as a Directory of Resources for your "Fish Dying"

Here are links to some excellent Resources for your Aquarium, in particular in dealing with sick fish:

*Aquarium Medications; Four pages of information about the use of treatments and how they work

*A Healthy Aquarium; a list of proven steps for a healthy aquarium

*Aquarium Information; a list of many Aquarium Resources from multiple sites

*Aquarium Supplies, Resources; another growing resource for aquatic information and supply resources with excellent articles such as Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers by Tropic Marine Center & Aquarium LED Lighting, Lights; What to Know, Acropora Coral Information and Care; Lighting, Amino Acids, more

* Wonder Shells; correction of intellectually bad aquatic information by by Aquatic Community Forum

*Aquarium Planaria, Worms; an article that addresses the FACTS about these worms, not the myths shown in the average spammy Google search

* UV Bulbs; a list of resources for replacing your UV-C bulb so as to maintain maximum disease control of your UV Sterilizer

*Hangon UV Filter For Aquarium; Review of why these cheesie filters should NOT be used for aquarium disease prevention!!