Installing firestats in wordpress mu 3.0

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Jul 9, 2010, 11:12:25 PM7/9/10
to firestats-users
I am having problems installing firestats into wordpress mu 3.0. When
I use the "network activate" link in the plugins menu, it does not
create the database for each blog. I began by using the firestats
installer and having it install the blogs. But when I tried to "link"
the data under the sites management each blog had the site ID of 1 and
would not link up under the manage sites section. This causes the
blogs to each have there own firestats installation and I am not sure
how to link them up under the sites management. Any ideas on how to
link them up?

Omry Yadan

Jul 9, 2010, 11:36:23 PM7/9/10
I did not play with wpmu 3.0 yet so I don't know what 'network activate' is.
in any case:
FireStats for wpmu is designed to createa SINGLE set of tables that
will be used by the entire wpmu site.
you should activate it using the administrator in the first time, which
will create those tables.
subsequent activations by users are not supposed to have their own set
of tables.
(see the installation instructions at
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