Herbal Treatments For Relieving Anxiety

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Greg Brown

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Anxiety or panic attacks are common, daily worries that can be
atrocious enough to make us want to hide under the sheets, and draw
away from the world for quite some time.
As everyone probably has experienced some form of anxiety at one time
or another during their lives; however some anxiety is considered
healthy, as some say it helps to provide the needed motivation and
adrenaline rush. But there are occasions when it can be so severe that
it interrupts, and sometimes messes up one's daily life.
Common Anxiety Symptoms
The physical symptoms of panic attacks are manifested in the form of
sweaty palms, dizziness, and diarrhea or intestinal/digestive
discomfort, or having a feeling like getting a lump in the throat,
insomnia, and restlessness.
The list goes on, including the hidden physical discomforts that
excessive anxiety can deliver. In some individuals, there may be
feelings of uneasiness, uncertainty or apprehension related to
something unforeseen or unknown.
A person may feel his heart racing, feel some tightness in the chest,
rapid breathing, or a tingling sensation in the hands or feet, or
both. The physical manifestations of anxiety add up over time, and may
lead to chronic panic disorders. According to statistics, one in every
four individuals in the US has a diagnosable anxiety disorder.
What Causes These Attacks?
The question of whether panic attacks and overactive anxiety is caused
by our mind or other biological factors is constantly being debated by
experts in the medical field.
Most research suggests that this disorder is generally caused by a
complex combination of life events, psychological behavior, family
history and genetic factors. No exact anxiety gene per se has yet been
identified, however some anxiety disorders, like panic attacks, do
appear to be hereditary in nature.
Herbal Treatments For Panic Attacks
Herbs and other natural, plant-derived mixtures or solutions are fast
becoming a popular alternative to prescription drugs for relieving
panic disorders. While anti-anxiety medicines generally work well,
they can sometimes be habit-forming and can cause negative side
effects, while natural anti-anxiety treatments are often seen as safer
alternatives, and generally do not lead to dependency or substance
- Valerian
This herb has been studied to be potent in relieving anxiety in
clinical trials. Standardized Valerian extracts that had a minimum of
0.8% valerenic acid, which is the active compound, worked well. The
herb's extract work quickly, often in less than an hour when taken in
doses of a few hundred milligrams, and these may be taken up to three
or four times a day.
- Passionflower
This herb has been noted to ease anxiety and insomnia caused by
excessive worrying.
- Lemon balm
Lemon balm is known to not only act as a sedative, but also helps ease
headaches related to tension.
- Lavender is proven to help calms and relax most anxiety sufferers.
- Chamomile has been tested not only to relieve anxiety, but also to
help settle the stomach.
- Catnip is an herb that relieves tension headaches and encourages
Other common methods for relieving anxiety include creating relaxation
rituals for yourself. Some people do this by meditating, which has
been noted to not only relax the body and mind, but also allows one to
cope more calmly.
This method may be carried out in various ways, and may range from
reciting a mantra, which is a meaningless yet simple sound, to
focusing on one's breathing. Other individuals spend their time in
prayer and reading inspirational books or magazines.
Some people enjoy drinking a cup of chamomile tea or lighting a candle
and relaxing in a hot bath. By spending some time for simple rituals
like these, you may actually find yourself more relaxed and confident,
and in much better shape for dealing with the rigors and stressors of
daily life.
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