Causes of Anxiety Attacks

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Greg Brown

Sep 2, 2009, 10:05:59 PM9/2/09
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Causes of anxiety attacks, in which the sufferer suddenly feels a
great trembling fear without warning, are varied. Anxiety attacks find
their causes rooted in psychodynamic, behavioral and spiritual causes.
This is further evidenced by increased external and internal stresses.
When stresses exceed beyond a level that one can normally cope up
with, anxiety results.
At a psychodynamic level, it is mostly internal instincts and impulses
that conflict each other, leading to distress.
At a behavioral level, a person relates to past experiences and
situations often in a maladaptive manner, considering them a benchmark
to future situations. Such responses to the past become generalized
even if the future may be drastically different and better.
The spiritual causes of anxiety are a topic of debate -- often
considered beyond the scientific paradigms and boundaries. Spiritual-
related anxiety stems from a feeling of emptiness, a void, and a sort
of nothingness; and is centered on morality, life and death. Spiritual
masters say that it is not anxiety that these people reach, rather
higher state of consciousness.
A number of other factors can also act as causes for anxiety that
include genetic, biologic and medical. A number of studies have
indicated that at least in 50% of those experiencing anxiety, have a
close relative who has an anxiety disorder. Among the biologic causes,
variations in certain brain chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine,
and GABA are being investigated as having a link with anxiety.
Among medical causes of anxiety disorders, the chief causes are heart
disease, tumors, endocrine disorders, neurological diseases and

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