Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks and the Dizziness They Cause You

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Greg Brown

Nov 22, 2009, 8:26:29 PM11/22/09
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Anxiety and panic attacks can cause many side-effects that are
unpleasant and hard to shake. One of the most common ones, and one of
the scariest, is dizziness.
So here's a 3 step approach you can start using right now to prevent
dizziness from dominating your life.
1. Use breathing techniques during times of dizziness, and also at
times when you're not dizzy
Taking some deep breaths or breathing into a paper bag can work well
if you're dizzy or hyperventilating (or if you're trying to prevent
anxiety and panic attacks), but they can be even more effective if you
use them throughout the day, even when you're fine.
Instead of just fighting off the symptoms when they arrive, use
correct breathing techniques at all times to promote better oxygen/
carbon dioxide balance, and stop the symptoms from ever starting in
the first place.
2. Get as much high-quality sleep as you can possible get, but don't
A lot of dizziness is due to tiredness, so when you start sleeping for
8 or 9 hours a night a lot of your dizziness will disappear. If that 8
or 9 hours of sleep is also undisturbed and restful, the dizziness is
even more likely to stop bothering you.
When you aren't getting 8 or 9 hours sleep a night, it's tempting to
take short naps throughout the day, but these little bursts of sleep
can worsen or even cause the dizziness you're trying to avoid.
Do your best to avoid naps, and get all your sleep in one piece during
the night.
3. Drink lots of water
Another big cause of dizziness is dehydration. Make it a new habit
that you never break to drink at least 6 or 7 glasses of water each
day to make sure your dizziness isn't being caused by dehydration.
Even though anxiety and panic attacks can cause very unpleasant
dizziness, following these 3 simple tips will go a long way to
reducing or even stopping it.

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