Fed Up With Social Anxiety Disorder?

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Greg Brown

Sep 23, 2009, 7:18:18 AM9/23/09
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Are you suffering from social anxiety disorder and fed up with
visiting different therapists? Or, worse still, afraid to go to see a
therapist? What can you do from the safety of your own home which will
help you to work on your inner feelings, beliefs and emotions, thereby
enabling you to have the inner confidence to get out there amongst
other people, feeling comfortable in your own skin?
Social anxiety Disorder has been given a lot more attention by the
medical profession in the last ten years. If you suffer from it, you
know what it feels like and how it affects every area of your life. It
causes considerable distress and discomfort as the sufferer worries
about what other people may think about them. This fear of being
judged and fear of becoming embarrassed can be very debilitating.
For some this fear is only experienced in certain circumstances, with
certain triggers, perhaps only when in the vicinity of "people in
authority". For others it may just be certain places which act as the
trigger to their inner turmoil; maybe a weekly essential visit to the
supermarket or just having to walk down the street is enough to get
palms sweating and heart palpitating. For some, just the thought of
having to leave the house is enough to set this uncomfortable ball
rolling. The myriad symptoms of social anxiety may be triggered by
actual reality or just anticipation of something which may or may not
happen. In either case, the symptoms experienced are equally real.
Whether the anxiety experienced is generalized or more specific it is
still very uncomfortable and debilitating for the sufferer. Most
people have serious difficulty in their quest to overcome it. This is
not surprising because as you focus on trying to overcome social
anxiety you inevitably spend more time thinking about it, and what you
think about tends to become "bigger" in your mind and therefore in
your life as well.
This is a central aspect of how your mind works. Think about it for a
moment. If you are thinking about buying a particular car, for
instance, perhaps a BMW or Lexus, you will suddenly become aware of
every car that you see which fits that description. Suddenly there
seem to be so many more BMW or Lexus cars on the road! Another "thing"
which your mind does all of the time, without fail, is that if you try
to not do something, you will have an overwhelming instinct to do
exactly that which you are trying not to do. Try as hard as you can
for a moment to NOT see a giraffe...What happened? Did you see a long
neck, by any chance?!
Applying this to your attempt to overcome social anxiety disorder will
help you to understand why the task can be so difficult. The more you
think about it the more it happens, and the more you try to not think
about it the more it happens as well. Added to this you probably have
no idea why you "got it" in the first place. There will be a reason
why. A symptom does not occur without cause, although you are most
likely unaware at a conscious level of what that cause may be. Your
subconscious mind will however know what the cause is and has created
these patterns of behavior which you no longer wish to have.
How can you go about altering these subconscious patterns of feelings
and behavior? A visit to your local analytical hypnotherapist (please
check for the one with the highest level of relevant credentials and
the most experienced) will show you how to relax in hypnosis, thereby
accessing the workings of your inner mind, your subconscious, and then
guide you to uncoil the springs of cause and effect which led to these
symptoms being experienced. This will help you to understand why it
all happened and will relieve a lot of the anxiety experienced.
But you are likely to still require a certain amount of mind re-
training for you to feel completely comfortable in social situations.
It's a bit like you know you no longer need to feel like "that"...but
you don't know how you should expect to feel either. It can feel like
you are in "limbo". Hypnosis downloads are amazingly effective in
training your brain to expect to feel as you want to feel. They are
inexpensive (a major bonus in the current environment), easy to use
and quick to work. You really can learn a whole host of mental skills
which will enable you to feel comfortable in every situation which you
may encounter. I created my "complete confidence program" of hypnosis
downloads for this very reason - to enable everyone to have access to
learning all the mental skills needed to be confident in life at very
little cost.
Whether you decide to visit a therapist in person or not, hypnosis
downloads are a great choice for you to make to get your mind working
on overcoming any type of social phobia. Hypnosis is in itself a state
of relaxation providing welcome relief from anxiety and, more
importantly, provides access to the subconscious mind, enabling the
easy retraining of your mind to provide you with powerful inner and
outer hypnosis confidence. There's a free hypnosis download which you
can get from my website and try it for yourself.
Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for hypnosis

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