Crash Reporting Headlines (October 2021)

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William Kahn-Greene

Oct 12, 2021, 11:24:20 AM10/12/21
to crash-reporting-wg, stability,

October 2021 status

(cross-posted to firefox-dev, stability, and crash-reporting-wg)

Status updates for crash reporting.



  • Symbols: Eliot (new symbolication API service) is now in production!

    • You can access it at .

    • While it is in production, there's still a handful of things to do like load test to verify scaling, documentation, and a better index page.

    • After that, I need to spend time migrating things from the old symbolication API to the new one.

    • This unblocks several big projects like symbolication and signature generation for crash pings, fixing symbolication for inline functions, etc.


  • Crash stats: added support for Windows 11

  • Crash stats: undo ShutDownKill fine-grained bucketing

    • A while back, we changed signature generation to breakup the ShutDownKill buckets into smaller buckets so we could look at individual issues. This created a bunch of issues one of which was that the TopCrashers list was overwhelmed with ShutDownKill signatures. While ShutDownKill issues are important, it's not something we're getting to, so for now we're going back to what we were doing previously where we have a single (actually two) ShutDownKill signatures.


  • Crash stats: make distribution id work in search and aggregations

In progress

  • All: Crash Reporting Working Group All Hands

  • All: Rust rewrite of all things breakpad

  • Firefox profiler: display richer symbol information and inline source view

  • Socorro: Better signature generation for Java crash reports (on hold)


    • There's a lot of design work that needs to be done here to figure out details. How should signature generation should work when we have Java and native stacks? How do we want to handle signature pieces when Java modules/classes have a lot of characters? Etc.

    • It's not clear what the impact of this work will be. Will it help nightly triage? Will it help Fenix development? How can we measure that predicted impact?

    • This work is on hold for now.

  • Crash ping: Signature generation for crash pings (on hold)

  • Symbols: improving process for acquiring symbols for macOS Big Sur


    • This enables profiles collected on beta versions of macOS with the Firefox profiler to have symbolicated system libraries and will improve stacks in crash reports for beta versions of macOS.

    • Progress on this is ongoing.

More information

The crash reporting working group puts these out once a month so it's clearer what's going on in the wild world of crash reporting.


Matrix: #crashreporting

Mailing list: crash-reporting-wg

For support on symbols, stacks, stack unwinding, crash reports, Crash Stats, signature generation, and anything related to crash reporting, we hang out in #crashreporting on Matrix.

If this summary is missing something, please let us know!


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