Deprecation plan for Firefox-specific pages on MDN

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Sylvestre Ledru

Jul 8, 2021, 3:01:08 AMJul 8
to Firefox Dev,, Hermina Condei, Peter Bengtsson, Andrew Overholt, Ryan Johnson
For years, we have used MDN to document the internals of Firefox. With the recent changes on MDN, it is time for us to stop using MDN for this and use instead.

The plan is:

1. Stop displaying all archived content on July 14, 2021. Currently, nearly all of the Firefox-specific content has been archived at and is displayed under This content will no longer be displayed on MDN starting July 14, 2021, but of course will remain available within the repo on GitHub.

2. The only exception is the NSS content, which is still managed at and displayed under That content will continue to be displayed until it's moved off of MDN. That work has started and is being tracked at (see also

3. If the Firefox-specific content is still relevant, it should be imported into if it hasn't been already (see Meta bug:

Ryan Johnson (Manager MDN Dev Team) and Sylvestre

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Axel Grude

Jul 8, 2021, 9:04:34 AMJul 8

Dear Sylvestre Ledru,

where will this go:

is there a search engine that indexes these articles?


Axel Grude
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Subject:Deprecation plan for Firefox-specific pages on MDN
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