Intent To Ship: Windows Native Notifications

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Nicholas Rishel

Feb 8, 2023, 5:08:19 PMFeb 8
As of today Windows Native Notifications are riding the trains as enabled by default!


Windows 8+.

Riding trains for Fx111.

How it works:
Notifications for Windows may outlive the instance of Firefox which created them. To handle this we have added a notification COM server (implemented as a standalone surrogate COM server) which ensures Firefox is running via the remote protocol. For Windows 8(.1) the behavior falls back to in-memory callbacks; notifications persisting in an action center and their COM server entry points being a Windows 10+ concept.

Prefs now defaulted on are `alerts.useSystemBackend` and ``

More Information:

Tracking Bug 1497425
Docs Tracking Bug 1782157

We're available in Windows Development on Matrix or #windows on Slack.

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