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Mike Conley

Sep 9, 2021, 3:08:08 PM9/9/21
to Firefox Dev

Hello firefox-dev!

A few weeks back, the Firefox Desktop engineering teams got together to pool notes and talk about the recent happenings in and amongst the codebase. I've taken the liberty of synthesizing the meeting notes into something slightly more digestible.



Friends of the Firefox team


  • Huge welcome to new hiresKatherine Patenio and Niklas Baumgardner

    • Katherine previously worked on Review Board through a student project

    • Niklas previously worked on Firefox’s Picture-in-Picture feature through a student project

    • Both will be working on driving the DTD -> Fluent migration to completion as their first project

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Antonin LOUBIERE

  • Ava Katushka

  • Kajal Sah

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  • Bug 1717760 (initKeyEvent on KeyboardEvent should return undefined) has regressed the ability of auto-filling input fields for some extensions in Firefox 93, this has impacted password manager extensions in recent nightly builds:

    • Bitwarden has fixed the issue on the extension side - Bug 1724925

    • 1password classic is also impacted - Bug 1725232

    • We may be putting off unshipping KeyboardEvent.initKeyEvent for the extensions content scripts as a short term fix on the Firefox side - Bug 1727024. Thanks to Masayuki and :smaug for looking into that.

  • Fixed a couple of issues with custom prefs set for the xpcshell tests (Bug 1723198, Bug 1723536), not an issue specific to the extensions tests but we identified it while investigating a backout due to an unexpected android-only failure (Bug 1722966 comment 12). 

WebExtension APIs
  • Fixed an issue with restoring private tabs discarded earlier during their creation (not specifically an addon issue, but it could be mainly triggered by addons using the browser.tabs.discard API) - Bug 1727024  


  • Nightly users now are at 63% with Fission enabled

  • Beta users now are at 33% with Fission enabled

Form Autofill

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Nimbus / Experiments

Password Manager



  • All of the blockers for putting most of the strings (minus menubar strings) in sentence case for en-US appears to be fixed! We’re checking around to see if there are any leftovers that we somehow missed. If you find any, please mark them as blocking this bug.

Search and Navigation

  • Daisuke fixed a regression where jar: urls were not visited from the Address Bar - Bug 1726305 

  • Daisuke fixed a visual bug in the separate Search Bar where search engine buttons were sometimes cut - Bug 1722507 

  • Gijs made the Address Bar “not secure” chiclet visible with most locales and added a tooltip - Bug 1724212

  • Harry fixed a regression where some results were not shown if history results were disabled in Address Bar settings - Bug 1725652

  • Mark switched the Search Service tests to use IOUtils - Bug 1726565 


Below the fold

  • [mconley] Show Unified in Phabricator for new files is very handy

  • [mconley] Consider pair programming / pair reviews for knowledge transfer

    • [bgrins] Was screensharing searchfox and showing someone new around, and old-timers have to remember that we have a lot of things we take for granted.

  • [jaws] Inline comments on Phabricator

  • [Standard8] You can “Suggest Edits” in Phabricator too! Which is probably better than putting your suggestion in the review comment

This information, including all of the previous updates, are fully available in this doc:

Also note that I'm really just synthesizing and humanizing the stuff that's on the Wiki, which is freely available from here:, so check that out if you want the source material. It'll also be posted (minus the Below the Fold stuff) to the Nightly blog.

Finally, if there's a Firefox-ish team that you feel isn't being represented here, please let them know about the above meeting so we can get their updates.

Keep on rockin' the free web,


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