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Jul 13, 2017, 6:53:23 AM7/13/17
to Firebug
Let me first tell why I am here and starting a new topic!

I know the Mozilla and firebug communities are filled with enthusiasts and those who completely believe in contribution to change and developing awesome things!

I am an independent developer who has an idea and believes it can have been never done before and if launched will have a lot of attention.But I lag in having a knowledgeable team and helpful community.

And this is the reason why I am asking you all lads to help me and contribute to my new idea.

Now I know this post is very vague, but this is the only way for me to get help.If you have any questions or queries please mail me on my email I will be glad to respond.

======About idea ====

My idea is about to develop a new IDE for web developers (in future I have plans to expand it more).

Principals of IDE: 

1. Share the knowledge of concepts, codes, debugging and  concepts with Novice developers 
2. Making a community of coders and help them know each other thus helping to grow their contacts and helping new startups to grow bigger.
3. Letting other expert developers to share their knowledge and give them a chance to contribute/help / guide other developers 
4. Adding totally new features that none of other  IDE has ever provided (I would like to share them with the community  after interests increases, though the list of this features is ready).


Humble request: 

Please let me know if I missed something to tell. Thank you all for reading and showing interest.

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