Console grouping, Scratchpad, Network panel questions

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Lawrence San

May 26, 2017, 1:46:25 AM5/26/17
1. Console grouping:
Since I use a lot of console log items, I found it convenient in Firebug to group them with console.groupCollapsed() and console.groupEnd().  Worked fine. In the Moz devtools, all that does is indent the grouped items slightly, but they don't collapse. This page claims the collapse works as of Firefox 52, but I'm using Mac FF 53.0.2 and they're still not collapsing. What do other people see when they try this?

​2. Scratchpad:
Very awkward to use compared to the Firebug multi-line command line. Also not all features work (for me, anyway) as claimed in the documentation. ​ For example, clicking Inspect does nothing at all. Has anybody here gone through the described Scratchpad features one at a time? Which ones do / don't work for you?

Also, the effect of the Scratchpad seems persistent or cumulative. (I don't remember whether this differs from Firebug.) Simply commenting out or even deleting the visible items in it does _not_ return the value of any variables I changed to their original values. The only way to do that is reload the browser window, in which case I have to start all over again. Is there any way to turn off "persistence" in the Scratchpad? I mean that when I comment our or delete a variable assignment, it should return to its original value, without reloading the browser. Or, alternatively, something like a "Recalculate Values" command if I comment out a variable assignment I entered. Is something like that possible?

3. Network panel:
The Filter works well, but I often have to re-enter a filter string that I used just a few minutes earlier. Is there any way to save filters for subsequent access? A popdown menu of "recent filters" would be nice, wouldn't it?

Thanks for any enlightenment,
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