Fb-mnoitor file trouble

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Takada Hiroko

Jul 21, 2022, 6:05:15 AMJul 21
to firebird-support
Hello. I am debugging an IOT system using(Windows10 pro) Firebird
And have a trouble with "C:\ProgramData\firebird\fb12_monitor_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

The Firebird makes an error once or twice a week in the way shown in firebird.log:
FBServer   Sun May 22 00:57:43 2022
    Operating system call CreateFile failed. Error code 225

FBServer   Sun May 22 00:57:43 2022
    MonitoringData: Cannot initialize the shared memory region
    operating system directive CreateFile failed
   Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.
Once this error happens it repeats on any access from client thereafter.

This log does not explicitly show the error file name, but I found

"C:\ProgramData\firebird\fb12_monitor_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"    (xxx : 24 hex digits)

is the file that is considered to have a virus.

(In the system the windows defender is activated (required) but I excluded Firebird programs and

I am sure the firebird clients do not access MON$ tables

Does anyone know how to avoid this problem ?
I think escaping from defender or not making fb2_ fille would be a solution.
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