Best approach to connect to Firebird v3.x from legacy VC++ desktop app?

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Nov 18, 2020, 9:18:54 PM11/18/20
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 Hi all,

Just starting the process here of migrating our legacy desktop Windows application, built on MS VC++ 2017 and using ODBC to connect to v2.5.9 databases, to move to Firebird v3.x database that is NOT running in legacy mode (as we want to leverage plugin capability for encryption).

Note that are app has 2 configurations where the user can cannot to a database that is embedded, or to a server (in 2.5.9 using Super Server).

While I am familiar working with the Firebird ADO.NET Provider for another C# application, I am looking for advice on the best approach connecting unmanaged C++.

This article here seems like it might be quite out of date:
as it references IBPP, however IBPP doesn't support Firebird v3.0 and there hasn't been an update since March 30, 2015 :( .

Ideally I am looking for something I can get up and running as easily as possible, that is also being supported/active.

Any advice would be welcome.



Nov 18, 2020, 9:24:15 PM11/18/20
to firebird-general
These types of questions should go to

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