[FCM] open rate shows 0 in campaign tab although notification_open event is tracked.

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Sep 20, 2023, 9:24:15 AMSep 20
to Firebase Google Group
Hello, I'm struggling the FCM dashboard issue and It would be great if you help me solve this.

I'm using FCM JS SDK to send background push notification and all of notifications is sent by firebase console.
I found out that all of campaign shows 0 open rate although notification_open event is tracked in google analytics.

The thing is, open rate in report tab shows the right result which shows same count number with notification_open event counts. But all of campaigns shows nothing in open rate. (notification_open event: 12 / open count in report tab: 12 / open count in all campaigns: 0)

Is there anyone to know why this is happeninig and how can I solve it?

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