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Star Trek site review (Cast pics)

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Apr 10, 2004, 8:00:49 AM4/10/04
Greetings fellow Star Trek fans.
I would like to point your attention to a website
(The address of the website is that I have discovered.
For all of you who are into Star Trek RPGs pay extra attention. I’ve found
this website in one of my regular searches for good informational sites
about Star Trek and this site has a very extensive database. This database
is used by the simming group of the website but nonetheless it is a very
large and useful Star Trek database even if you aren’t a simmer. With the
growing popularity of the Star Trek RPGs I’ve also explored the RPG section
of this website and I think it is a well designed and well organized Star
Trek RPG. It’s a play-by-board type so it is easy to access at all times and
you don’t have those full mailboxes which can be very annoying (believe me I
know) especially with the new Hotmail system. I can highly recommend this
site for all Star Trek fans, especially simmers but also the non-simming
Star Trek fan, you can just surf over there and look something up in it’s
database such as different classes of planets, Ferengi Rules of Acquisition,
extensive ship diagrams and details, etc.
The address of the website is

your Star Trek site reviewer Devil103

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