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Aug 16, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/16/97

Hello, Here is the info on the Bloopers

These bloopers are not available in stores!! These reels were only given
to the c
ast and crew as gifts for christmas. They were originally recorded on
16mm film and have been transferred to VHS video.These are the same
bloopers shown at conventions. The reason these are not viewed at
conventions is the film has become scratched over the years and would not
withstand constant viewing. These are one of the rarest items in Trek
Fandom. The opportunity to own these bloopers is available now. An
example of a blooper:

The blooper from "Patterns Of Force" is rather amusing. It's the scene in
the closet where Kirk and Spock are trying to contact the Enterprise with
their barely functional communicator. "Spock to Enterprise. Spock to
Enterprise, come in Enterprise" From off camera comes the cue line,
"Enterprise, Lieutenant Uhura here" from a decidely male voice (didn't
matter, it was going to be dubbed anyway; it was just so so the actors
would have something to react to). The scene proceeds fine, for about a
half second, when Shatner and Nimoy bust out in hysterics over a guy's
voice identifying himself as Uhura and the scene is blown. It is

I got these at a Star Trek Convention. I only have a few so better hurry!
Plenty of Email References available. Also Email me for a list of Star
Trek items I am selling from my personal collection. Some Rare!!

Email or (same)

Postal money orders available at the post orders also
available at most convenience stores,
supermarkets and banks.

I ship Priority mail the day I get the order. Usually 2-4 day delivery by
US Post Office.
Shipping is $3.00 for up to 2 tapes.

Version 1----4 hours long---------$30
Version 2---- 2+ hours long------$25
Both tapes $50 plus $3 Priority US Mail shipping

Version 1 4+ hours
Here's what's on the tape:
SNL is Saturday Night Live (see below)

History of Trek. clip montage. Nimoy narration
Original Classic Star Trek Bloopers Reels 1 & 2
History of Trek Pt 2
Star Trek The Next Generation Bloopers
Roddenberry with original TOS cast, role-playing a "fantasy" training
mission episode.
RareSNL Shatner "Ollie North" singing skit.
The Next Generation cast comedy video montage.
Shatner on World Music Awards narrating/singing "I wanna Sex You Up".
SNL Star Trek spoof with John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, and
Elliott Gould
SNL Shatner host opening monologue promoting STIV and T.J. Hooker.
SNL Star Trek convention spoof w/ Dana Carvey. Shatner tells Trekkies to
"Get A Life". But of course, he explains:"It was Kirk's evil alter ego".
Original Classic Star Trek Bloopers Reel 3
Shatner on World Music Awards narrating/singing "You Could Be Mine"
SNL skit. Enterprise is converted to a restaurant. Shatner/Kirk. Carvey as
In Living color Star Trek skit with Jim Carrey
Wonder Years Star Trek Spoof.
Empty Nest Star Trek where conventioners get sick
Shatner on World Music Awards narrating/singing "Everything I do, I do it
for you"
Star Trek Aliens video clip montage
Carol Burnett Star Trek Spoof. Everyone has mysteriously changed sex.
Carol/Capt. Kirk
In Living Color Star Trek VI The Really Last Voyage with Jim Carrey as the
aging Captain
SNL Patric Stewart Host opening monologue
SNL Enterprise spoof with Stewart
SNL Star Trek Love Boat-The Next Generation Skit with Stewart
FYE Behind the scenes of ST Voyager (before premier)
E Generations movie clips and review with Patric Stewart, Malcolm
McDowell, Brent Spiner interviews
Behind the Scenes of Voyager with Lt. Dax as tour guide with Dawson,
Beltran, Briggs interviews
Generation movie trailer
Star Trek Original Bloopers (version 2)
Kevin Pollack (THE Worlds Best Shatner Impersonator).
STV "In Search Of Money"
****RARE Tomorow Show with Tom Snyder from 1976. Tom and Guest Panel
discuss the world
of Star Trek.Kelley, Doohan, Koenig, and Harlan Ellison writer of City on
the edge of Forever****
Behind the Scenes of ST III. Nimoy gives tour of The Genesis Planet.Harve
Bennett and Nimoy narration
ST III Movie ClipsST IV Movie Clip
William Shatner Video Biography with rare photos and interviews
ST IV Nimoy interview
ST IV Movie Clips
Leonard Nimoy Video Biography with rare photos and interviews
DeForest KelleyVideo Biography with rare phoots and interviews
The History of Classic Star Trek with clips and narration
George Takei and Nichelle Nichols singing happily
City On The Edge clip
Paramount's Star Trek 25th Anniversary Party with Entertainment
Tonight/Leeza Gibbons interviews with Roddenberry, Shatner, Nimoy.

Version 2---$25 2+ hours
I have purchased some blooper tapes from a dealer friend who sells them at
the conventions. This version has a different Original Series Bloopers
reel than the other one.

Here's is what is on this tape

**The Original 3 season Bloopers (best quality I have ever seen)-30min
**The Next Generation Bloopers with time counter at bottom-13 minutes some
Original Series shots thrown blended in. Included Tutti Fruitti song video
montage and the infamous Bogus Credits at the end!
**The Howard Stern Sci-Fi Special-Shatner vs. Takei. William Shatner and
George Takei face off.The complete two part interview with Shatner
*Takei talking negatively with Stern about Shatner with rare clips of
Hollywood Star on Walk of Fame etc.20minutes
**Lost in Space Howard Stern Special with Stuttering John interviewing the
various cast members. He asks his usually irreverent questions!! (Rare
vintage Stern Show)
**A Current Affair-Shatner most disliked character on Star Trek-interviews
with Grace Lee Whitney,Majel Barrett Roddenberry. George Takei
discusses his autobiography and how much he dislikes Shatner-6 min.

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