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WHDLoad Operation Wolf (Ocean)

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Alex Kovrigin

Nov 12, 2019, 9:57:47 AM11/12/19
Operation Wolf (Ocean)

download the install package
created at 2019-11-11
size of install package 69874 Bytes
Author Codetapper & CFOU!
Hall Of Light
Lemon Amiga

version 1.4 (11.11.19) done by CFou!:
- fix access fault without phaser CUSTOM options
- Timings option using custom2 added
CUSTOM2=1-5 : very fast, fast, normal, slow, very slow
- trainer enhanced (but no save if you use it...)
CUSTOM3=1 ; for unlimited ammo (grenade and ammo magazine)
CUSTOM3=2 ; for unlimited health
(press Help to restock ammunition and health)
- use extra memory for enhanced sound, voice and graphics
(trucks & weapons crates by example)

WBR, Alex Kovrigin <alex(at)>

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