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WHDLoad Bobo (Infogrames)

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Alex Kovrigin

Nov 15, 2019, 10:20:01 AM11/15/19
Bobo (Infogrames)

download the install package
created at 2019-11-13
size of install package 25879 Bytes
Author CFOU!
Hall Of Light
Lemon Amiga

version 1.1 (13.11.19) done by C-Fou!:
- slave rewritten and adapted for WHDload+17
- files used instead of disk image (Warning: re-installation needed)
- Timing problems fixed
custom1=0-5 tooltype used to select game speed
- Keyboard delay inserted to fix key repeat
custom2=1 used to remove keboard fix (if trouble on slow CPU)
- source code included

WBR, Alex Kovrigin <alex(at)>

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