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Frank Robbins

Dec 17, 2000, 3:30:21 PM12/17/00
The new location for a monthly archive of the ProBoard Mailing List is:

File proboard-2000-08 does not exist -
there was no logged activity of in or outbound traffic.

File proboard-2000-1 was generated at time of a system outage
and can be added to the larger archive file proboard-2000-01.

These archives take you through the last few months of ownership
of ProBoard before the BIG SALE (18-Nov-1998) to the now author
Pat Clawson at TeleGrafix Communications, Inc.

Be advised, these archives group the daily messages in order
of receipt and the timestamp has been stripped. If you need
timestamp info, please look at the bottom of this page.

This archive is hosted by:
Dennis Murphy <>

To join the ProBoard Mailing List to send/receive messages,
please visit:

The author of ProBoard monitors/writes messages here.

I am presently working on a search script which will
make it easier to find specific information.
An announcement will be made here when the search link is ready!

Here is a listing of what you will find at the present time:

Index of /pbarchives

Name Last modified Size Description

proboard-1998-07 30-Jul-1998 11:59 137k
proboard-1998-08 21-Aug-1998 08:33 317k
proboard-1998-09 27-Sep-1998 16:16 909k
proboard-1998-10 31-Oct-1998 23:48 723k
proboard-1998-11 30-Nov-1998 19:52 595k
proboard-1998-12 31-Dec-1998 13:17 1.2M
proboard-1999-01 31-Jan-1999 23:51 494k
proboard-1999-02 28-Feb-1999 15:12 2.1M
proboard-1999-03 29-Mar-1999 19:37 395k
proboard-1999-04 30-Apr-1999 21:04 394k
proboard-1999-05 28-May-1999 12:31 194k
proboard-1999-06 30-Jun-1999 23:43 1006k
proboard-1999-07 28-Jul-1999 19:58 76k
proboard-1999-08 26-Aug-1999 21:38 22k
proboard-1999-09 25-Sep-1999 03:08 96k
proboard-1999-10 31-Oct-1999 21:28 406k
proboard-1999-11 30-Nov-1999 22:28 220k
proboard-1999-12 31-Dec-1999 20:23 383k
proboard-2000-01 31-Jan-2000 20:16 526k
proboard-2000-02 29-Feb-2000 15:57 109k
proboard-2000-03 23-Mar-2000 10:35 74k
proboard-2000-04 27-Apr-2000 03:11 16k
proboard-2000-05 31-May-2000 01:04 27k
proboard-2000-06 26-Jun-2000 03:58 78k
proboard-2000-07 16-Jul-2000 12:19 26k
proboard-2000-09 30-Sep-2000 20:25 95k
proboard-2000-1 03-Jan-1910 14:18 42k
proboard-2000-11 18-Nov-2000 12:48 56k
proboard-2000-12 16-Dec-2000 14:50 65k


If you are looking for messages with timestamps, you will need to
request (via an automated email form) each digest separately by
using the same page referenced above for joining the PB Mailing List.

You may request a list of digest archives first by email and then
request in bulk if you are familar with direct email to a majordomo
Otherwise, the above joining form allows single digest retrievals via

Happy reading!!!

Frank Robbins
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ProBoard BBS (Resources - Support - History) Site

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