New ProBoard Beta v2.20e Released

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Frank Robbins

Sep 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM9/16/00
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by Frank Robbins

New ProBoard Beta v2.20e Released (14-Sep-2000)
ProBoard v2.20e
dated 14-Sep-2000

Expires: 15-Dec-2000
ProBoard Acquired: 18-Nov-1998
Latest expiration date will mark approximately
2 years and 1 month of ownership by TeleGrafix.

PB Info:
UpGrade Info:
Contact Info:

Byte Comparison Info:
ProBoard v2.20e = 803,571 bytes
ProBoard v2.20d = 803,376 bytes
difference = 195 bytes


Partial Extract from README.220
dated 14-Sep-2000

"The Choice of Professionals"
Version 2.2 BETA

(EXPIRES 12/15/2000)

(upgrade & installation instructions in INSTALL.TXT & UPGRADE.TXT)



This edition of ProBoard is a "beta version" to test Y2K
compliance with actual customer systems.

Bug reports should be sent to the senior TeleGrafix engineer at: (

If you send messages to, they might take
a bit of time to reach me. Do not send messages to anybody at We're struggling with Network Solutions to
get "" moved over to our server, but there are
beurocratic complications that are gumming up the works. We don't
anticipate that will be switched over to our server
for several weeks at the least. It will probably be well into
January before we get the situation resolved.

It is >critical< that we know if this software works functionally
as v2.16 did, with exception to the Y2K fixes. Obviously if the
Y2K fixes are broken, we can't upgrade the beta to a release version.
If the Y2K issues look good, please concentrate your efforts on the
basic functionality of the software. If it operations the same as
v2.16 in all other respects, please let us know. There have been
other small modifications as noted below that could affect the beta
testing cycle, but they are relatively minor. The biggest changes in
non-Y2K issues are the changes to the PB SDK for v2.2 compliance.
Turns out that the ProBoard SDK hasn't been updated in many years.
If we broke something with it, we need to know. We did create several
PEX modules for testing purposes "in-house", and they worked as they
were supposed to. From what we know, existing v2.16 compatible PEX
modules shouldn't be affected.

In either event, if something worked in v2.16, but doesn't in v2.2,
please let us know!


If you find a Y2K bug, please try to describe every possibly relevant
piece of information about the bug, including what data entry fields
don't work right, what quirky situations bomb-out, or any other
relevant information. Remember, if we can't duplicate the problem,
it'll be all that much harder to fix!

We've made some visual changes to the ProCFG and the main system
console. If you totally hate the new look, we'd appreciate knowing
about it. If you don't like the new appearance, please take a deep
breath and ask yourself, "is it really offensive?", or is it
just "different than what you're used to?"


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Frank Robbins (El Paso, Texas USA)

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