Support for late-model kernels (5.18?)?

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Erik Keever

Jun 14, 2022, 9:20:31 PMJun 14
to beegfs-user

I am with the University of Oregon OACISS research center and we are hoping to deploy BeeGFS on our research hardware cluster. We have a high varied assembly of systems, including Power9, Xeon and AMD, as well as kernels from the 4.x and 5.x branches.

We have had good success and performance (Up to 9GBps so far) setting it up on systems with stock kernels (rhel with 4.18, ubuntu 20 with 5.4 on x86), but have encountered problems building the client kmod for power9 and for x86 on very late-model kernels.

Dealing with the P9 is outside the scope of one help-me message, but does anyone know what is the latest kernel of the 5.xx series that the module will build for without problems, or if the below can be easily rectified? We have a bleeding edge system that we need a high-performance NFS for, but other hardware in it also requires a bleeding-edge kernel 5.18, where building from source (after checking out tags/7.3.0) is throwing errors,

In file included from /root/beegfs-v7/client_module/build/../source/common/net/sock/Socket.h:10,
                from /root/beegfs-v7/client_module/build/../source/os/OsDeps.c:5:
/root/beegfs-v7/client_module/build/../source/os/iov_iter.h: In function 'beegfs_iov_iter_is_iovec':
/root/beegfs-v7/client_module/build/../source/os/iov_iter.h:236:27: error: 'const struct iov_iter' has no member named 'type'; did
you mean 'pipe'?
   return iter->_iov_iter.type == ITER_IOVEC;
/root/beegfs-v7/client_module/build/../source/os/iov_iter.h: In function 'beegfs_is_pipe_iter':
/root/beegfs-v7/client_module/build/../source/os/iov_iter.h:308:27: error: 'struct iov_iter' has no member named 'type'; did you me
an 'pipe'?
   return iter->_iov_iter.type & ITER_PIPE;

Thanks for help in advance,

-- Erik
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