beegfs-ctl and beegfs-fsck don't provide --help

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Steffen Grunewald

Mar 7, 2024, 10:29:13 AMMar 7
to BeeGFS user list
Good afternoon -

Today I found that, with a multi-mode setup (i.e., no valid beegfs-client.conf
file directly in /etc/beegfs), neither beegfs-fsck nor beegfs-ctl would provide
any help when invoked with "--help".
Since there are no manual pages either, one has to remember that there's been
a "--cfgFile=..." option.

Also, with version 7.4.2 of beegfs-fsck, I wasn't able to find the correct
spelling of the "check for old hard links" option via the "--help" command line
option (it's there in the Wiki if you know where to look, and that there's a
non-intuitive "d" in the veryLongStringThatCannotBeAbbreviated ... intentional?)

Together with the rather surprising behaviour of beegfs-helperd (which, unlike
the other daemons, doesn't start in multi mode semantics - I had reported that
a while ago, but apparently nobody else has cared about it) this makes me a bit
uneasy about the upcoming maintenance that will (have to) convert our current
7.3.x-based single-fs setup into what will become a multi-fs 7.4.2 one.

What am I missing?


Steffen Grunewald, Cluster Administrator
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)
Am Mühlenberg 1 * D-14476 Potsdam-Golm * Germany
Fon: +49-331-567 7274
Mail: steffen.grunewald(at)

Waleed Khalid

Mar 14, 2024, 3:56:29 AMMar 14
to beegfs-user
Dear Steffen,
To use beegfs-ctl in a multimode setup, you can do one of the following things:
1. If you have a default partition that you want to check upon anytime, you can simply copy the beegfs-client.cfg on the node where you want to use beegfs-ctl to /etc/beegfs, this will not break the multi-mode but you will find that your beegfs-ctl will work without an issue
2. You can specify which config file to use e.g. if I have a multimode named beeTest, beegfs-ctl --cfgfile=/etc/beegfs/beeTest.d/beegfs-client.conf,
3. Alternatively you can specify the mount point by using beegfs-ctl --mount=/mnt/beeTest/, for the partition you want to check up upon

Hope it helps.
Best Regards,
Waleed Khalid
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