How to setup client mountpoint with 755 permission

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Juan A. Cordero Varela

Apr 4, 2024, 1:32:20 PMApr 4
to beegfs-user

I have the following infrastructure:
- storage node 1: contains two RAID6 targets in xfs.
- storage node 2: contains one RAID6 target in xfs.
- metadata node: contains one RAID5 for metadata in ext4.
- management node: a VM.
- login node: another VM.
- compute nodes: physical compute nodes.

Storage and metadata nodes run storage and metadata services, respectively. The management node runs the management service and login node and compute nodes run the client service.

After having followed the documentation I've created a mountpoint on the login node (so far just on the login node) at `/mnt/beegfs`. In this directory I've created two other directories: `home` and `projects`. I've created two  storage pools: one using one target from storage node 1 and one target from storage node 2 for /mnt/beegfs/projects, and another one using the other target from storage node 1 for /mnt/beegfs/home.

Now I've found out /mnt/beegfs has 777 permission, which means any user could write whatever he/she wants. I'd like to mount that directory in mode 755 by default when starting the client service, but setting `beegfs-mounts.conf` to `/mnt/beegfs /etc/beegfs/beegfs-client.conf beegfs mode=0755` errors when restarting the client service. The only way I've found is adding the following line to the `/etc/init.d/beegfs-client` file:
chmod 755 ${mnt}
after the beegfs is mounted (after `mount -t ${fstype} beegfs_nodev ${mnt} \

Is there any different and more elegant way of mounting the beegfs directory?

I'm using btw Beegfs 7.4.3 on Ubuntu Server 22.04.4.



Apr 5, 2024, 11:36:31 AMApr 5
to beegfs-user
Hello Juan,
you just have to do once a "chmod 755 /mnt/beegfs" on any beegfs client node which has the beegfs mounted
as the rights are still "in" the beegfs and so immedently it's the same on all nodes and even after a reboot.

Juan A. Cordero Varela

Apr 8, 2024, 10:59:23 AMApr 8
to beegfs-user
Great, thanks.
I never thought it had been so easy.
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